The perfect mix: Salt Mine offers for groups

When you walk through the glistening rock-salt tunnels of the mysterious “Mountain of Treasures”, you immerse yourself in a fascinating world of exciting stories and fateful events. The perfect complements to this subterranean world are provided by our special offers for groups. We have put together a number of beautiful excursion “building blocks” for you to choose from.

Additional Building Block: Souvenir Photo

Say “cheese”! You will be photographed as you slither down the long miners’ slide. A great opportunity to capture a marvelous moment with your friends or colleagues, leaving you with lasting memories of your excursion into this mysterious world of salt. Incidentally, we have also installed a “radar gun” on the slide – so we’ll also clock your speed. So, who IS the fastest in your group

Price 4.50 EUR per photo
(every 21st person free)
only by advance order

Additional Building Block: Traditional Miners' Welcome

Salt has always had a special significance for people. At one time, solemn oaths were sealed with salt. And even today, many customs are associated with salt. For example, bread and salt are symbols of hospitality - and are served, along with a shot of schnapps, as part of the traditional "Miners' Welcome".

Price: 3.50 EUR per person
(every 21st person free)
includes an alcohol-free drink for children

Price: 6.50 EUR per person
if you would like to take the souvenir
schnapps glass home with you .

Special Tour "Bombing Michelangelo"

The Sandling is a true “Mountain of Treasures”, since it did indeed serve as a kind of “treasure chamber” during the Second World War, warehousing some of the most valuable art treasures in all of Europe. The special tour leads you back to the last weeks of the Second World War – a prize-winning multimedia documentary will allow you to experience how the miners of Altaussee resisted the senseless destructive rage of the National Socialists. And to see what the courage of a single person is capable of achieving.

Prices and dates as listed
(every Wednesday at 5 p.m. in July and August).
Please note that this special tour is only possible
with advance notice and at an additional charge.

Important Information

A good meal is an important part of a successful group outing. We will be more than happy to share our personal recommendations for a great place to eat during your day out. Narzissen Bad Aussee offers you both a delicious lunch as well as a beautiful view of the mountain world. At Blaa Alm in Altaussee, you will sit amid glorious alpine pastures – enjoying warm hospitality and regional specialties. And since we are talking of regional specialties: The Knödel Alm is a genuine Ausseerland original, serving up dumplings in every conceivable variation, popular local dishes as well as schnapps from its own distillery. And if you are looking for the perfect way to wind down an unforgettable day, JUFA Altaussee is a wonderful choice. Sample their hearty regional dishes and take in the magnificent views of Altaussee's most famous local mountain, the Loser.

Still have a few questions or would you like other recommendations? The team from Altaussee Salt Mine is always happy to assist.