Of Salt Mummies and Cave Bears Salt Mine and Salt & Ice Ticket

From the fascinating realm of salt to the shimmering bluish-white world of ice: During this group package, you will experience two absolute highlights of the Hallstatt-Dachstein-Salzkammergut World Heritage Region on just a single day. At the beginning of your excursion, you will go deep into the Hallstatt Salt Mine. In the heart of the mountain, you will be greeted, not only by one of the world’s longest miners’ slides, but also a mystically presented salt lake, along with many exciting stories from the 7,000-year-old history of salt mining in Hallstatt. After this adventure below ground, you will make your way high into the Dachstein Region. The ice caves, including spectacular ice sculptures and gigantic icicles, are guaranteed to captivate you completely. Whether you decide to pay a visit to the Giant Ice Cave or Mammoth Cave – an unforgettable experience is guaranteed.


The group package "Salt Mine and Salt & Ice Ticket" includes

  • Roundtrip ride on the Hallstatt funicular  
  • Admission and guided tour at the Hallstatt salt mine  
  • Visit to the Giant Ice Cave or Mammoth Cave  
  • Roundtrip ride on the Dachstein World Heritage Gondola, 1st section


Price for 20 or more people:
54.00 EUR per adult

(every 21st person free)
30.00 EUR per child
(tickets redeemable within 5 days)

    And this is what your day might look like

    • Start 9 a.m. with a ride up the mountain
    • At 9:30 a.m. guided tour of the salt mine
    • Lunch, at around 11:30 a.m., possibly together at one of our partner restaurants
    • At 2:30 p.m. start of the tour through Dachstein Giant Ice Cave or Mammoth Cave (length of stay on the Krippenstein: ca. 2 hours)

    Important Information

    Make the reservations for your group visit by contacting our Salt Mine Team. You can make your reservations by email to info@salzwelten.at or simply phone us at +43 6132 200 2400. In that way, you will begin your day completely relaxed. Just the way it should be.