Salt Transportation on the Traun: Salt Mine and Schiffleutmuseum Stadl-Paura

At the salt mine in Hallstatt, our experienced mine guides will teach you all about a 7,000-year history of salt mining. One vital factor in the success story of the Hallstatt salt trade was transportation by water. How this came about, what it required and how "White Gold" was ultimately shipped via the Traun to its final destination, can all be learned at the Schiffleutmuseum in Stadl-Pauraden. The museum is housed in one of the oldest buildings of this Upper Austrian town and features many beautiful exhibits, including a 5-meter-long model of the shipping canal located at the Traun Falls, a 4 m2 model of the shipping community of Stadl with its salt warehouses on the Traun River, as well as many models of ships and various forms of equipment used aboard those ships. Look forward to a full day focused on the world of salt, during which you and your group will pick up an array of fascinating details about the most important transportation artery used for shipping salt from Hallstatt.

The group package "Salt Mine & Schiffleutmuseum Stadl-Paura" includes

  • Roundtrip ride on the Salzberg funicular in Hallstatt 
  • Miners' Greeting with bread, salt and schnapps
  • Admission incl. guided tour of Hallstatt Salt Mine   
  • Admission to the Schiffleutmuseum in Stadl-Paura

Prices upon request

Important Information

If you would like to read about Schiffleutmuseum Stadl-Paura ahead of your visit, or if you are interested in the history of shipping on the River Traun: On the website of Schiffleutmuseum Stadl-Paura, you will find all the information you could wish for. 

Make the reservations for your group visit by contacting our Salt Mine Team. You can make your reservations by email to or simply phone us at +43 6132 200 2400. In that way, you will begin your day completely relaxed. Just the way it should be.