Prices & Opening Times at Hallstatt Salt Mine

When is Hallstatt Salt Mine open? What does a ticket for the Salt Mine cost, and are there discounts for groups, seniors or school classes? Here you will find the answers to these, and other questions about your trip to Hallstatt Salt Mine. Incidentally: Thanks to our practical online ticket, the fascination of the salt mine is literally just one click away!

Salt Mine TicketSalt Mine & Funicular Round TripSalt MineFunicular Round TripFunicular One Way
Adults € 36.00€ 25.00€ 20.00€ 11.00
Children (ages 4 - 15) € 18.00€ 12.50€ 10.00€   5.50
Family Ticket
(e.g. 2 adults + 1 child)
€ 73.00€ 52.00€ 41.50€ 23.00
Single-Parent Ticket
(e.g. 1 adult + 1 child)

€ 46.00

€ 33.00€ 26.50€ 15.00
Each additional child € 15.00€ 11.50€   9.50€   5.50
Seniors and students, those completing national service € 33.00€ 23.00€ 18.00€ 10.00
Groups of 20 or more
(every 21st person free)
€ 33.00€ 23.00€ 18.00€ 10.00
School- & youth groups, unregistered € 18.00€ 12.50€ 10.00€   5.50
School- & youth groups, registered € 15.00€ 11.50€   9.50 €   5.50

Included Extras with your Salt Mine Ticket

With your Salt Mine ticket, you also benefit from a number of included extras. For the perfect finishing touches to an exciting day all about salt. We look forward to seeing you soon, at Hallstatt Salt Mine in the beautiful Salzkammergut Region!

  • Roundtrip ride on the Salzberg funicular 
  • Admission and guided tour at Hallstatt Salt Mine  
  • Panorama lift and "World Heritage View" Skywalk lookout platform  
  • 2 exhibitions, in the Rudolfsturm and Knappenhaus
  • Visit to an ancient burial site  
  • Theme path across Hallstatt High Valley - the "Path through Time" (with additional information provided by means of audio guide)

Opening Times at Hallstatt Salt Mine

Salt Mine
DateDaysTimesLast funicular up
to the tour

(Subject to change)

Cable Car
DateDaysTimesLast ride down

Prices & Opening Times: Everything you need to know at a glance

  • Payment options: You may pay for your Salt Mine tickets in cash, or with your VISA, MasterCard, ATM or EC-Card.
  • Duration of the guided tour: Our tours last about 90 minutes and are offered continuously. You should assume your visit will take about 3 hours in total (including ride up and down the mountain on the funicular and a short hike across Hallstatt High Valley to the entrance of Hallstatt Salt Mine).
  • Before the tour: Please schedule in some extra time before you actually head into the mine. We will be expecting you at least 30 minutes before the start of your guided tour, at the valley station of the Hallstatt funicular.
  • Age restrictions: We look forward to welcoming children ages 4 and up here at the Salt Mine. Please note that children younger than this may not enter the mine. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Pets may not accompany you into the mine. Two free kennels are, however, available.
  • Wheelchairs: We regret to say that the tunnels inside the mine are not suitable for wheelchairs.
  • The Route: The Salzberg funicular will bring you quickly and easily up to the high valley outside Hallstatt. Here, you can use the new Panorama Lift to reach the scenic bridge in a matter of moments. Once at the top, you will need to walk gently uphill for another 15 minutes until you come to the entrance building for Hallstatt Salt Mine. Once you are inside the mine, you will walk for about 2 kilometers through the tunnels - which means, you should be comfortable on your feet. Finally, a mine train will bring you back out into the daylight.
  • What else you should know: For safety reasons, the mine may not be entered unless you are part of a guided tour. The temperature inside the mine is a relatively constant 8 degrees Celsius. To make your visit as comfortable as possible, we therefore recommend - regardless of the weather or time of year - that you wear warm clothing and sturdy shoes.

The Salzwelten Audio Guide App

Before beginning the tour of the salt mine, we suggest downloading the “Salzwelten Audio Guide” app to your smartphone or tablet, which will enable you to enjoy the tour in your own native language – it’s quick, easy and, above all, FREE!

Available in these languages:
 D / E / I / F / SLO / CZ / H / RU / JAP / Mandarin / ES / AR / HEB

Thanks to our free Wi-Fi, you can also download the app once you are here.

Download App Store                        Download Google Play

Did you know?

Hallstatt Salt Mine is just one click away. Thanks to the practical online ticket, you will never have to wait at the ticket window when you arrive. Now's the perfect opportunity to book your online ticket. Which also means, you will get to enter the mine at the time that works best for you.

Did you know that you can also receive your online ticket for the Salt Mine via SMS or email? So, regardless of when or where - you can always obtain your online ticket for Hallstatt Salt Mine.

Still have questions about our guided tours, prices or times? The Salt Mine Team is always glad to assist. You can reach us by email or by phone. We look forward to hearing from you!