For young explorers: the "Subterranean Classroom"

Getting to see with your own eyes the tunnels which miners clawed out of the mountain with their bare hands thousands of years ago. Hearing the story of the “Man in Salt” where he was first discovered. And feeling the spirit of those far-distant times as you wander through the ancient heart of the mountain: In Hallstatt Salt Mine, history will come alive for your pupils!

It is impossible to imagine a better place to combine learning with adventure than in the cradle of the “Hallstatt Period” and deep inside a mountain, where people were already exploiting the salt deposits for their own benefit some 7,000 years ago. During our special school programs, you and your students will be able to immerse yourselves, literally and figuratively, in the world of miners. Our expertly trained mine guides will tell of the beginnings of salt mining thousands of years ago as well as the daily lives led by prehistoric miners in the high-valley above Hallstatt. You will become familiar with the “Man in Salt” and, together with your class, get to see the oldest fully preserved wooden staircase in Europe.

An Unforgettable (Learning) Experience

Talking of “seeing” things: The “World Heritage View” Skywalk in Hallstatt is a definite must-see. You won’t soon forget the sight of UNESCO World Heritage Hallstatt and the deep-blue lake which shares its name. So that their trip into this world of salt isn’t forgotten from an educational perspective either, each school class also receives its own salt experimentation bag. This contains a wide selection of salt products, additional information and instructions for experiments. With this solid foundation, young researchers can deepen and broaden their knowledge once they are back in their own classroom.

All-inclusive with the "Subterranean Classroom"

We want you and your students to feel completely comfortable as you spend a day in the “Subterranean Classroom” here with us in Hallstatt. That’s why our Salt Mine Team has come up with a number of great ideas. Amongst other things, every class receives at no extra charge a special "Salt Mine Package” to provide a solid foundation for further study. This package includes:

  • a "Salt Researcher Bag"
  • various salt products
  • detailed information about the theme of salt
  • instructions for a variety of experiments
  • a small salt shaker for every child
  • an A2-size annual planner with class photo as a souvenir of these extraordinary lessons below ground

Welcome to the “Subterranean Classroom” at Hallstatt Salt Mine – who knew learning could be so exciting!

Information for Teachers

No more having to wait in line with your school class: Make reservations for your class in advance. That way you won't lose any time at the ticket window. Send an email to or phone us at +43 61 32 200 2400 to register your class with the Salt Mine Team. You will arrive with your class and be able to enter the mine at the time you have selected. No stress, no waits.

The complete program for schools can be downloaded here.