Perfectly Combined: Salt Mine Offers for Groups

Now's the ideal time to reserve your group adventure. Simply contact our Salt Mine Team direct! We will be happy to answer all of your questions, plus we will have lots more tips about things you probably haven't even thought of. We look forward to seeing you and your group at the salt mine very, very soon!

Tours of the Celtic Village

Journey back in time to the days of the Celts, immersing yourself in the life of those ancient miners. We will take you with us on this walk through the Ice Age, exploring a Celtic village reconstructed true to the original here on the Dürrnberg.

Price: 90 EUR per group
(max. 30 people, lasts 1 hour)

Additional Building Block: Souvenir Photos of the Miners' Slide

When we experience beautiful moments, we wish time could stand still. Unfortunately, that's not a service we are able to offer. But instead, how about a beautiful, lasting memory of your expedition into this mystical world of salt. When you glide down the long miners' slide, you will be photographed - and your speed will automatically be clocked as well. So, who was the fastest in your group?

Price: 4.50 EUR per photo
must be ordered in advance (every 21st person free)

Additional Building Block: Traditional Miners' Welcome

Salt has always had a special significance for people. At one time, solemn oaths were sealed with salt. And even today, many customs are associated with salt. For example, bread and salt are symbols of hospitality - and are served, along with a shot of schnapps, as part of the traditional "Miners' Welcome".

Price: 3.50 EUR per person
(every 21st person free)
alcohol-free drinks available for children

Price: 6.50 EUR per person
if you would like to take the souvenir
schnapps glass home with you.

Important Information

Subterranean adventures can always be guaranteed to work up an appetite. That’s why a pleasant lunch after your salt mine tour will definitely hit the spot and help you recharge your batteries. Reenergized, you’ll be ready to take on the next adventure. We have lots of culinary tips and recommendations – simply ask us for details!

Would you like to increase your daily program? The Salzwelten-Team will be happy to advise you on other excusion destitions in the region.