The New Salt Manufactory Experience how gourmet salt is made at the Salzburg salt mine

The long mining and salt-processing tradition on the Dürrnberg, which came to an abrupt end in 1989 with the closure of the Hallein saltworks, is being brought back to life. Visitors to the Salt Manufactory, which was built in 2019, are now able to experience salt production at Salzwelten Salzburg first-hand. 

Experience how gourmet salt is made

The master salt maker is more than happy to allow you to peek over his shoulder, from April 2021 on, as he goes about his work, explaining the process and answering all your questions. The saltworks is a perfect complement to any visit to the Hallein salt mine. From extraction to the finished product, it is now possible to follow every step of the process below and above ground. 

As a delicious souvenir of an unforgettable excursion, hand-scooped BAD ISCHLER Salzzart gourmet salt refines every dish to perfection. Now available in our webshop!


Brand-new and one-of-a-kind: Our BAD ISCHLER Salzzart is made from natural Alpine brine and hand-scooped by our master salt maker on the Dürrnberg. 

The naturally pure Alpine brine flows out of the centuries-old salt mine directly to the new Salt Manufactory where it is processed. Utilizing traditional techniques of salt extraction, soft flakes of salt are produced. Mild in flavor and melting gently on the palate, this gourmet salt is an ideal way to refine salty as well as sweet dishes. Our Austrian answer to Fleur de Sel!

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With your ticket from the Hallein salt mine, you can visit the new salt manufactory for free!

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