Of treasure hunters and explorers: Salzburg Salt Mine

Join us on an exciting journey for the whole family. Deep into the Dürrnberg, where miners were hauling a treasure out into the daylight over 2500 years ago, one that took its rightful place right next to jewels and diamonds: known as "white gold".

For some 450 years, visitors from around the world have been entering the Hallein salt mine, deep inside the Dürrnberg. Which makes the Salzburg salt mine the first in history to open its tunnels to the public. Visitors from near and far included many crowned heads, guests of the archbishops. All were fascinated by the mysterious subterranean world. And to this very day, the mines which the Ancient Celts clawed meter-by-meter out of the Earth over 2500 years ago have lost none of their magical appeal.

The Dürrnberg: treasure chamber of the Salzburg region

The valuable mineral was jointly responsible for the immense wealth of the Salzburg archbishops; those natural salt deposits were very much the treasure chamber of the Salzburg region. The archbishops – especially Wolf-Dietrich von Raitenau, who lived from 1559 to 1617 – used the high profits from the salt trade for many different purposes, but especially to create the baroque buildings of the City of Mozart. To this very day, people from around the world marvel at the magnificent architecture, most of which was built with money from the salt trade.

Glide by boat across the salt lake, a mystical multimedia experience. Hear the story of the "Man in Salt", enjoy an exhilarating ride down the miners' slides, or immerse yourself in the world of the Celts in Salina Celtic Village on the Dürrnberg.

Experience the Dürrnberg in all its variety - both below and above ground!

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